Filtro AR: Starbucks

The challenge

Innoarea Studios collaborated with Starbucks to develop a dynamic and interactive Instagram filter. The objective was to promote the iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) during the autumn season in Starbucks accounts in Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, France and Belgium.


When users activated the filter on their Instagram stories, they were presented with a 15-second timer. During that time, they had to ‘pick up’ the key ingredients of the PSL: pumpkin, milk, ice and coffee. To do so, users had to tap their heads on the virtual items that appeared on the screen.

Once users collected all the ingredients, a shower of virtual confetti was unleashed and the user’s face was transformed into a smiling pumpkin.


The filter attracted a large number of users. Starbucks accounts in the countries mentioned experienced a significant increase in interaction and engagement during the PSL promotion.

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Client Fiftykey


Year 2022

Tags augmented reality filters, Instagram, filter, gamification

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