Baf, Boh, Lom, and Lis, the cutest monsters in history, protagonists of the ‘Bimbader Invasion’ campaign by Bimba y Lola, invaded the streets, bus shelters, billboards, and buses of Madrid during the 2019-2020 Christmas campaign.

Bimba y Lola’s challenge was to offer a hypnotizing, authentic and as augmented as possible experience on their social media with these creatures created by the German illustrator Friederike Hantel. Thus, the 4 Augmented Reality filters we developed were born to bring Bimba y Lola’s digital beings into the physical world.

This effect uses surface tracking technology, which tracks the space and initiates the AR filter. This is a great advantage as it does not use a traditional 2D marker, allowing brand lovers to decide where to place the Bimbaders.

This way, Bimba y Lola followers, wherever they are, can access the filter from the brand’s Instagram profile and start the most amazing 3D invasion.








Client Bimba y Lola


Year 2019


Directed by: Marçal Forés.


Produced by: La web de Canada.

Post- production by: BLISS.


Special effects + Visual effects by: Olímpic.


Digital World illustrated by: Friederike Hantel.


Tags: Instagram, storytelling, augmented reality, AR filter