Continental held an internal event in Copenhagen in April 2018. During this event, Continental gathers its employees to introduce them to the technologies it is working with, the best implementations, and the future of the company.

For this event, we developed an interactive augmented reality marketing experience featuring a multiplayer gamification system, creating an application as innovative as it is effective. The goal is for employees to collaborate in discovering the company’s investment, education, and work-life balance initiatives.

This game was configured with continents visualized through augmented reality displaying various data and statistics. We can explore percentages of employees divided by gender and number. It is also possible to compare projects, track their progress, and view their outcomes.

Client Continental


Year 2018

Credits Publips Serviceplan


Tags augmented reality, AR APP, marketing, gamification, corporate event

Engagement and collaboration

Facilitated collaboration among employees by exploring investment, education, and work-life balance initiatives interactively.

Data visualization

Provided a clear global view of the company’s state through reliable statistics and percentages from each location, enhancing understanding of projects and their outcomes.

Promotion of innovation

Demonstrated Continental’s commitment to innovation and disruptive technology, showcasing leadership in the industry.

The main challenge was designing and implementing an augmented reality application that combined complex data with an intuitive and engaging user experience for a large-scale corporate event.

We developed an AR application featuring 10 different types of virtual continents, each representing specific aspects such as demographics, innovation projects, collaboration initiatives, among others. Employees interacted with these continents to explore real-time data, compare projects, and gain a better understanding of Continental’s global landscape.

We employed advanced augmented reality technologies to create an immersive and educational experience aligned with the event’s goal of showcasing emerging technologies where Continental leads.