Halloween, MAN X

We developed a user experience in virtual reality for Halloween Perfumes, which is based on the concept of cybernetic video games, making the user interact with the environment as well as with the perfumes.

With the movement of the camera and the design of the tunnel, the user experiences a dynamic  speedy effect.

Through virtual reality, we get the body to secrete endorphins, thus generating an incomparable feeling of excitement and enjoyment in our body.

Client Perfumes &  Diseño


Year 2018

Tags virtual reality, creativity, roller coaster

The aim of this Halloween Perfumes gamification is to catch as many perfumes as possible, scoring points that will later be exchanged for perfume samples.


This purpose wants to achieve both visual and auditory immersion of the user/player in the cyber city environment.


We work with paper and pencil, we capture through 3D models and immerse the user with our virtual reality. After exhaustive brainstorming, the ideas began to take shape and we moved towards our final result.

We have worked to make the user experience optimal and as close to reality as possible.

The inspiration comes from the pre-futuristic scene of the 70’s, which was used for several films such as Blade Runner in 1982.

The skyscraper is the building that gets all the protagonism in this scene, from there you can see the whole city illuminated. At that point the Halloween rail starts, showcasing neon lights that offer an atypical chromatism to the sky and generate together with the tunnel a unique sensation.

We use the oculus Rift virtual reality goggles which have improved optics with higher brightness and more vivid colors.