Housing Bank in the Metaverse

Jordan’s leading financial institution, Housing Bank Trade and Finance, has boldly entered the metaverse, making history as the first Jordanian bank to establish a virtual presence on both Decentraland and Spatial.io platforms. This strategic move underscores the bank’s commitment to innovation and its recognition of the transformative potential within the metaverse. Visitors, regardless of their device, can now explore meticulously crafted digital replicas of Housing Bank’s iconic building, signaling a groundbreaking shift in the digital banking.

To further bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, Housing Bank is set to introduce experiential corners within select branches. Clients and visitors will have the opportunity to engage with virtual reality headsets, providing a tangible and immersive connection to the Spatial.io metaverse headquarters.

Join Housing Bank on this pioneering journey into the metaverse as it continues to shape the future of banking and finance, seamlessly blending tradition with forward-looking innovation.

Client Housing Bank


Year 2023

Credits Housing Bank


Tags metaverse, virtual reality, creativity, Housing Bank

Innovation leaders

Embracing cutting-edge technology and being the first bank in Jordan to establish a virtual presence in the metaverse


The bank’s commitment to providing immersive digital experiences aligns with the evolving preferences of tech-savvy customers.


This move differentiates the bank from its peers, positioning it as an industry trailblazer

Integrating Housing Bank into the metaverse while ensuring universal accessibility across diverse devices.

Balancing technology for optimal user experience, creating an immersive digital replica, and maintaining the bank’s identity.

Users can access digital replicas of the bank’s building on various devices, ensuring a seamless experience. The technology harmonizes physical and virtual elements, offering an immersive journey into the bank’s metaverse presence.

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