Imagin, the digital services and lifestyle platform powered by CaixaBank, launches imaginLAND, its space in the metaverse.

With the creation of imaginLAND we set a milestone in European fintech, with Imagin Bank being the first to enter the Metaverse.

Throughout the project we have accompanied the company from the conceptualisation of the project, the 3D recreation of the ImaginCafé in Barcelona and its inclusion in Decentraland. As in its physical version, imaginLAND will also have a regular programme of content related to creativity, technology and sustainability, although, in this case, adapted to the 3D environment.

The inaugural content is a 360º concert by the group Marlon. The user not only accesses the performance, but also experiences the concert from different perspectives: stalls, backstage and even on stage. The experience is fully immersive when viewed using virtual reality glasses.You can enjoy imaginLAND by accessing plot 8,68 Forest Plaza in Decentraland.

Client Imagin Bank


Year 2022

Credits Zoopa


Tags metaverse, decentraland, web3

Communication channel

Connected to all other platforms


Branding in the metaverse


A unique and immersive experience

With imaginLAND, Imagin reinforces its position as a digital benchmark and its commitment to putting innovation at the service of users with the aim of continuing to improve their experience. Imagin’s innovative spirit is not only conveyed through the 100% digital operation of its services, but also from a conceptual point of view. imagin has established itself as a platform that goes beyond its nature as a financial player and has become a benchmark community that generates digital content with a focus on lifestyle.

As in other projects, the platform chosen to carry out the project is Decentraland. Its ecosystem is based on decentralisation and the blockchain economy. Brands such as Netflix, Coca-Cola, Heineken and Samsung have already trusted the platform to dynamise virtual events and unique experiences in the Metaverse.

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