La falla nunca vista

A virtual reality falla? But… How did all this start?

The origin of the fallas dates back to the ancient tradition of the city’s carpenters. Thus, in the 18th century, the Fallas were reduced to useless junk along with wooden contraptions they used to elevate lanterns that illuminated the city during the winter months. Gradually, it consolidated as a tradition, evolving into monuments crafted by master artisans for the Feast of San José, their patron.

Innoarea Studios has brought the traditional Valencian celebration of the Fallas to Virtual Reality, recreating the experience of the Cremà and the Falla in a fully immersive 360º environment. Centro Comercial El Saler wanted to bring the excitement of the Fallas to its customers, and we made it real.

Client Centro Comercial El Saler


Año 2019

Credits Rosebud


Tags virtual reality, inmersive experience, Fallas, marketing

Enhanced accessibility

Virtual Reality with Oculus GO allows anyone to experience the Fallas from any location, without the need to be physically present in Valencia.

Total immersion

Through 3D modeling and animation, users can experience the Cremà, contributing to the preservation and dissemination of this cultural tradition.

Interactivity and freedom

Thanks to the VR headset, users have complete freedom of movement, exploring the virtual falla and enjoying the burning ceremony in a close and personalized way, as if they were there.

The main challenge was to faithfully recreate the essence and emotion of the Fallas in a virtual environment, ensuring that the experience was authentic and exciting for all participants, both those familiar with the tradition and new audiences.

For the experience at CC El Saler, we chose to use the Oculus GO Virtual Reality device. The microprocessor integrated into this VR headset enables it to operate independently from a PC or any other device, allowing us to focus on providing complete freedom of movement to the shopping center’s customers. We invite you to enjoy the first virtual reality falla with the greatest comfort possible.