Maxiconfesiones by Maxibon

This project seeks to bring the Maxibon experience to a virtual metaverse using the platform. The users will be able to interact and explore a virtual space that recreates the world of Maxibon, with special emphasis on the refrigerator area, where images generated by artificial intelligence will be displayed.

You can visit the Maxibon Metaverse here.

On the other hand, the project includes the generation of 6 images using the artificial intelligence model Midjourney. These images are inspired by the 6 most fnny confessions sent by Maxibon followers to the influencers who have participated in this campaign. Each image contained a Maxibon logo or distinctive element, which will helped promote the brand and highlight the stories of the contest winners.

The 6 winners had their favourite influenecers in the Maxibon metaverse. The influencers who have participated are: Peldanyos, Nil Ojeda, Ceciarmy, Sara Socas, Esperansagrasia and Mariona Casas

Client Maxibon


Year 2022

Credits Fiftykey


Tags metaverse, creativity, meet&greeet, Maxibon

Innovation leaders

First virtual meet&greet organised in the Metaverse


Top influencers bring the experience to another level


Between brand and consumers

Creation of a captivating metaverse using complemented by the generation of stunning AI-powered images, lifelike influencer avatars, engaging interactions, and brand promotion for Maxibon.

All while ensuring an immersive and authentic user experience. Join us on this incredible journey into the world of Maxibon!

The project leverages cutting-edge technology, combining and Unity to build an interactive metaverse. It uses the powerful Midjourney model to generate images using artificial intelligence. This technological synergy offers a unique and immersive experience.

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