Nestlé Jungly

At Innoarea Studios, we have developed an exciting and nostalgic project: an augmented reality filter for Instagram to promote the new Nestlé Jungly product. This filter aims to capture the magic and charm of the legendary chocolate, bringing it to the digital age through augmented reality.
This filter is designed with vibrant colors and graphics reminiscent of the wrappers and adventures many of us associate with this product. Beyond the visual aspects, the filter is conceived as a mini-game that adds a gamification component, making the experience not only nostalgic but also interactive and fun.
The combination of nostalgia and modern technology creates a unique experience on Instagram, allowing users to interact with a beloved brand in new ways. This project is a testament to the power of augmented reality to generate engagement and enjoyment in the process.







Client Fiftykey


Year 2022

Tags augmented reality filter, Instagram filter, gamification

Brand Visibility

Users who use and share the filter increase the visibility of Nestlé Jungly.


An interactive and playable filter motivates users to compete and share their achievements, fostering virality on social networks.

Emotional Connection

By including visual and thematic elements, the Instagram filter generates a deep emotional connection with the brand, reinforcing loyalty and affection towards the product.
The main challenge of the project was to capture the nostalgic essence of the Nestlé Jungly product and combine it with augmented reality.


It was crucial that the filter be not only visually appealing but also interactive and fun, keeping users engaged. Incorporating game elements that were fun, challenging, and competitive, yet intuitive, needed to encourage users to continue interacting and sharing their experiences.
Vídeo del filtro de realidad aumentada de Nestlé Jungly
Vídeo del filtro de realidad aumentada de Nestlé Jungly
Imagen promocional del filtro de Instagram para Nestlé Jungly