Nuii, VR adventure

Nestlé Nuii has joined virtual reality to showcase its new category of ice cream with an experience that touches all five senses.

Do you want to live an unforgettable experience?…

This is how the most adventurous people travelled in the jungle tasting the new Nuii ice cream flavours while living an unforgettable tour in virtual reality. We developed an exotic experience by virtually locating it on the island of Java where the necessary natural products to produce the ice creams are obtained.

Client Nuii


Year 2019

Credits Rosebud


Tags virtual reality, creativity, Nestlé Ice Creams

Innovation leaders

The user can interact with the product


Added value of the experience.


 A unique experience.

Nuii wants to present its new ice cream category while remaining consistent with its target customers and corporate identity. The ice creams will have to be presented as part of an adventurous experience.

For this project we have used the Virtual Reality glasses Oculus Rift. This device allows us to achieve maximum graphic quality as it works connected to a computer.The Oculus Insight system works at room scale, allowing users to move around a real space to interact with the application.