Porcelanosa Artificial Intelligence

We present the Porcelanosa Artificial Intelligence Space, an innovative configurator utilizing AI technology. This interactive platform presented at the XXIX Porcelanosa International Exhibition, empowers users to create custom room designs. Visitors can select the room type, flooring and cladding materials, architectural style, and lighting preferences. The AI generates visual representations of these choices, projecting them onto the room’s walls.

The project’s key objectives include providing users with a AI-based image generation tool, delivering an innovative and user-friendly experience, democratizing access to advanced technology, fostering user creativity, and aligning AI image generation with the Porcelanosa brand.

The project encompasses user interface design, development, integration with the DALL-E API, and the creation of prompts and keywords to enhance the application’s functionality.

Porcelanosa’s approach to AI-driven design reaffirms its commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality in its product offerings.

Client Porcelanosa


Year 2023

Credits Dall-e


Tags AI, artificial intelligence, interactive installation, web3

Communication channel

AI-driven tool enhance customer engagement


Porcelanosa = innovation and quality


A unique creative process

The primary challenge of the project is to integrate AI technology into the interior design process, enabling users to effortlessly generate customized room designs. This requires developing a user-friendly interface, connecting to the DALL-E API, and ensuring the AI accurately interprets user inputs to create accurate visual representations of their design choices.

Additionally, the project must align with Porcelanosa’s brand values of innovation and quality while making advanced technology accessible to users without technical expertise.

The project leverages AI technology, particularly the DALL-E API, to enable users to design rooms effortlessly. It involves user interface design and seamless integration with AI for image generation.

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