Porcelanosa Green Horizon

Porcelanosa GreenHorizon is an immersive experience that connects the environmental crisis with Porcelanosa’s ecological commitment. On the occasion of the XXX Muestra Internacional de Porcelanosa Grup, we developed two multi-sensory installations through which raw materials and potential futures can be explored, from a neutral present to a sustainable or dystopian one. By integrating technologies, an immersive experience is created that encourages reflection and action.

Client Porcelanosa


Year 2024

Credits Olorama


Tags Immersive Experience, Interactive Installation, Generative Content, Touchdesigner, Integration, Porcelanosa

Interactive Screen

The first installation of the project consists of an interactive screen installed in the main hall of Porcelanosa. This screen presents the Porcelanosa logo wrapped in a cloud of clay and sand in constant movement, representing the importance of these raw materials in Porcelanosa’s products.

The screen detects the movement of people, creating unique silhouettes, thus involving users in the organic evolution of the visuals. The immersive experience has been developed by integrating the people recognition functionality of the Kinect camera into a program generated with Touchdesigner.

Immersive Cube

In the second installation of the project, an interactive timeline is generated through which one can move forwards or backwards by means of a circular ceramic piece.

The interaction is carried out by means of a manipulable forward and backward rotation system. Depending on which way the user rotates, he or she can travel in time to two types of futures: a dystopian and polluted one and an ecological and harmonious one.

The visualisation of the timeline projected on the screens of the immersive cube is presented from a fixed point of view located in a window of a room in a modern minimalist house modelled in 3D. The interactive part of the scene is the background visible from the window. In the projected image, an air quality measuring widget will appear at all times and will change depending on the future to which the user is advancing. Three views are presented through the interactive window:

  1. Nowdays: Views from a house in the forest.
  2. Dark Future: Marked by pollution and climate change.
  3. Hopeful Future: In balance with the environment.

The immersive cube responds to the user, integrating hardware with Unity for a multi-sensory immersive experience: nature sounds or alarms, artificial wind that varies with interaction, and scents that change according to the chosen scenario, culminating in a neutral fragrance that resets the sensory journey.

Environmental awareness

Reflection on sustainability and environmental impact

Interactive education

Multisensory installations


Combination of sounds, aromas and visuals

Coordinate multiple technologies to create an efficient and surprising experience.

Ensure that interaction is intuitive and accessible to all users.

  • Kinect: For the recognition of people and interaction with the interactive display.
  • Touchdesigner: To generate the program that drives the interactive display
  • Unity: To integrate hardware and create the immersive cube with multi-sensory response.
  • Scent dispenser: Olorama for a personalised olfactory experience.

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