PORCELANOSA in the Metaverse

Porcelanosa, as part of its commitment to innovation, wanted to rely on our services to create a space in the metaverse in which its values and corporate identity were reflected.

We accompanied them throughout the process, from the conceptualisation of the virtual environment, to the choice of the Metaverse platform, the purchase of virtual land and the dynamization of the space over time.

We recreated Porcelanosa’s most emblematic building, the Commodore Criterion in Manhattan, and located it in Decentraland.

Client Porcelanosa


Year 2022

Credits Decentraland


Tags metaverse, blockchain, web3

Innovation leaders

The user can interact with the product.


Added value of the experience.


 A unique experience.

We proposed a space that would act as a meeting and dissemination point. We therefore designed the virtual environment by dividing the spaces into two areas: showroom and classroom.

In the showroom area, some of Porcelanosa’s main products are shown in 3D, accompanied by information, videos and redirection links to its website. In the classroom area, information about Porcalanosa’s products is disseminated and live talks are given by specialists from the architecture, interior design and ceramics sectors.

As for the platform, we chose Decentraland because its ecosystem is based on decentralisation and the blockchain economy. Brands such as Netflix, Coca-Cola, Heineken or Samsung have already trusted the platform to dynamise virtual events and unique experiences in the Metaverse.

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