VR Experience

Impact your customers by producing genuine immersive 360º solutions.

Social AR

Envelop the real world with everything you can imagine.

Immersive Web

Tell us your idea and we will create a tailor-made virtual environment.

Spatial Computing

It's time to merge real and virtual in one space.

Projection Mapping

We bring real spaces and objects to life through the art of projection.

We Make it REAL –  

We Make it REAL –  

We Make it REAL –  

We are Innoarea Studios

Creativity and development are our identity marks. We are a Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 3D content studio specializing in the creation of customized IMMERSIVE spaces, leveraging the latest advancements in spatial computing.

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Nestlé Jungly

porcelanosa green horizon

Porcelanosa Green Horizon


TERRA EXTRAORDINARIA: Virtual Reality & Interactive Screen

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